1960’s Throwback

Red lipstick all on the paper, let me take a hit while you sit and rush. Go hate talk shit its all on the paper…lol but in all seriousness, i’d like to move your attention away from Rihanna’s fabulous song (one of the best artist I believe is out there right now but that’s besides the point haha), and i’d like you to think vintage for a moment-but with colour. Back to a time where big hair and a-line skirts were the norm.This shoot was inspired by the 1960’s, a time much different than ours, but fashionable in its own right. i’ve always aspired to do an “aged” shot, and when the location was available, it was a must. As a side not, shorter hair isn’t personally a normal look for me, but with the theme of this shot, I think it fit right in!¬†As always your likes, comments & follows are greatly appreciated, until next time loves!

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