All Dolled Up!

Makeup, makeup & more makeup. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of getting my makeup done. Although I do have to mention that I’m a firm believer that there are times when wearing makeup is a must (i.e.: for a photo shoot or event), BUT if you really don’t have to wear it then you shouldn’t. If you’re in your house for example, I don’t believe its necessary to have a face full of makeup. Not only is it a waste of product (that you could be using when you go out next), but we have to keep in mind that makeup has some ingredients in it that are not the healthiest for your skin. But hey, I’ll never be against makeup; there really is a time and place for everything. Put me in a chair anyday and I’ll never say no to getting my makeup done haha, Kudos to whoever created it! As always your likes, comments & follows are greatly appreciated J until next time loves!

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